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Five out of five doctors agree:  Dictation is the cat’s meow!




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Can You Hear Me Now?

Patient talking to doctorDoes your doctor look at you when you’re speaking to him or her? Or does he look at a computer screen while you’re speaking?  It’s up to you to make sure he hears, understands and responds to what you are asking or reporting.

Try this:  The next time you see him, if he is typing or looking at the screen while you’re talking, say something like, “I’ll wait until you’re done there before I continue. This is too important to me and I don’t want you to miss anything.”

And then tell him to call Bumgarner Transcription and EMR Integration at 864-905-3559 so he can pay more attention to you and his other patients, and less attention to that computer.

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You Can Do That?


You can do that?

You can do that?

Doctors are so busy with practicing medicine and overwhelmed by trying to learn a massive electronic medical records system, they often don’t stop to think that some of their tried-and-true routines don’t have to change.

A few years ago, a client told me with great sadness that they would soon have to stop using our transcription service because the hospital system to which they belonged would be implementing electronic medical records.  She was surprised when I told her that didn’t mean they had to give up dictating.  I saw at once a question and a glimmer of hope in her eyes.  I told her we would just take it a step further and transcribe their patient encounter note directly into the patient’s record.  They remained clients, and happy ones, at that.

That made me realize I need to do a better job of being proactive in our marketing efforts, and not assume that everyone knows they can still dictate and use EMR concurrently.  I still get that head tilt and, “You can do that?” when I visit prospective clients or market to them by email or on the phone.  It’s so gratifying (dare I say, fun?) to be able to explain to them how simply it all works and then welcome them as they become our clients.

If you want to see your daily production increase by 20-30%, and if you want to spend more face time with your patients, contact me and let me know your needs.  We can do this!

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