How to Stop Losing Money on Data Entry


How much money are you losing to data entry tasks?  To answer that question, let’s look at how much time you’re spending doing data entry for a patient encounter.

•  It take about 4 minutes for a doctor to enter a note into a patient electronic medical record.
•  It takes 1 minute or less to dictate a note for an average patient counter.
•  4 minus 1 equals 3 divided by 4 = 3/4, or 75%

You’re likely losing 75% of your clinic time on data entry.  No wonder so many doctors are revolting against EMR!  “We have become the most highly educated data entry operators on the planet.”  (Rona Silkiss, MD, of Silkiss Eye Surgery  Notice how Dr. Silkiss didn’t say “highly paid, data entry operators.”  Every minute you spend on data entry is time for which you’re not getting paid to see a patient.

Think of how many more patients you could see if you were relieved of even a portion of those data entry tasks.

We will help relieve you of some of those data entry tasks by incorporating your dictation into your electronic medical records.  Call us now and we will get you started dictating again.  Soon, you’ll be reaping the benefits.  And as a bonus – ding, ding, ding! – you’ll be providing better patient care and a more complete encounter record!

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