Harvest Time

Photo by Sarah Potter

Medical transcription is a field ripe with opportunities for innovation. As medical transcriptionists, if we’re not innovating, thinking outside the norm and moving forward, we might as well turn off the lights and close the doors.

We must become not only medical language specialists, but also healthcare documentation specialists. To be successful as a business, we have to become educated about the laws and regulations that impact the healthcare industry, and understand where we can offer services to help facilitate compliance with those laws and regulations.

Once we understand the regulations, we may have to expand our scope of services to provide more of a non-traditional transcription role (i.e., transcribing directly into the client’s EMR).

Next, it’s up to us to educate the healthcare providers about how we can help. Remember, they’re pretty overwhelmed with all the regulations themselves, and may not even realize how employing medical transcription services can ease their documentation burdens.

And that leads to another area of business in which we find ourselves: developing marketing and advertising strategies designed to reach healthcare providers (and their practice managers), and demonstrating how we can be of great value to them.

Lynn Kosegi, Director of Solutions Realizations for M*Modal (http://mmodal.com/author/lynn-kosegi/) summed it up very well:  “By ensuring that we make full use of the MT’s knowledge and skill, we can contribute to physician satisfaction and documentation quality, while enabling providers to realize the maximum return on expensive technology investments.”

So get out there and harvest this wonderful, crazy, ever-interesting field of Medical Transcription!

(The photograph, taken by my niece, Sarah Potter, is a nod to my beautiful home state of Kansas.)

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